How to make the right match

If an attempt is made to find volunteers via the school’s own homepage, it makes sense to indicate there, on the one hand, which requirements someone should meet and what his activity as a mentor will look like and, on the other hand, the opportunity should also be given by means of a profile to introduce oneself by means of the corresponding information on one’s own person. These profiles can then be used to ensure that the person interested in volunteering is suitable.

Another way to find out whether someone is suitable for the school or the job is, of course, a personal interview: this is usually conducted by the school management.

If the school administration is looking for volunteers, the organiser of this institution is the first contact person who tries to determine the suitability of the interested person and to find the right school for the voluntary work.

If, after volunteering, it turns out that the school and mentor do not fit together, it is easy to change to another school.